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Your relationship with family law counsel transcends other professional relationships. You need counsel that is capable, accessible and accountable. It is our goal to meet your legal needs while nurturing your spirit so that at the end of your case you realize you are stronger than when you started and secure in your future.


Divorce is a uniquely difficult and painful process. It is not easy to identify the attorney who can responsibly secure your financial rights and your relationship with your children.

Attorneys at RCC Family Law have combined experience of almost fifty (50) years exclusively dedicated to the practice of family law. Our purpose is to identify and meet your unique needs, embrace you with steady, patient guidance and provide you with all of the resources required to navigate the legal process.

We understand that it is critical for you to remain involved and informed about all developments in your case. You need to know what legal, financial and emotional resources are available to assist you and your family. Each member of our firm is committed to facilitating your access to those resources while making every effort to avoid the costs – both financial and emotional – of extended litigation. In those cases in which litigation is required, we will passionately represent you and effectively direct your case to trial.


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